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Tree Pruning

Tree Prunning, is one of our most common service available and some benefits of pruning a tree are: 

  • Improve tree structure

  • Enhance vigor

  • Maintain safety

  • Control over tree or bush shape, size, and clearance​​

Here at professional tree care believe that every tree is unique, same has the arborist that works on it and each arborist has different interpretations and ideas about pruning a tree. That's why we follow the International Society of Arboriculture ISA and the ANSI A300 pruning standards to deliver a maximum standard for a reasonable price.

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Tree Removal

call 509-518-9845 or 509-707-8711 for a FREE ESTIMATE

Tree removal is one of the most difficult aspects in the tree industry mostly because it is risky and requires a hight level of knowledge and common sense that's why we use a system of pulleys and heavy duty ropes all aded to experience, knowledge and excellent safety procedures to ensure a safety and affordable removal of your tree



  • Full clean up

  • Branch and wood removal

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Stummp Grinding

CALL   811

Before we can perform a stump grinding we have to be sure that there is not any wiring or pipe line on the way or close  also rock or any foreign material that can cause damage to you or your surrounding

  • price varies depending on the location and size of the stump

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Spruce natural prune

Arborvitae and Shrub Shape or removal

Trimming arborvitae benefits:

  • Enhance beauty of shrub

  • Maintain a strong structure preventing them from breaking or falling

  • increase value of your property

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